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Today [April 18] or very shortly thereafter the Fox trial proceeds in Delaware.  There is always the possibility that there will be a pre-trial settlement – very common in matters like this – so anything is possible.  The case will likely not be “front-page news” on Fox News, regardless of outcome.

Fox and the other major issues of the day are endless and extremely important and I follow them daily. But I am likely going to stop  commenting here – I’m just one person with an opinion.

I’ll keep writing, but mostly on other things which interest me.  Check the archives from time to time.

I have mentioned, before, several very credible observers and commentators who I follow on the assorted legal and political issues.  They post frequently on national issues.  I offer these sources again.  Check out their bios.  Access is free, but I would encourage subscription as support to the writers.  My great thanks to Joyce, who has passed these and other sources of informed comment along over the years.

There are others as well, but keep these in mind for consistently valued insights.  As one of the below quartet always closes her posts, “we’re in this together“.

Heather Cox Richardson: Letters from an American

Joyce Vance: Civil Discourse

Jay Kuo: The Status Kuo

Doug Muder: The Weekly Sift

POSTNOTE:  In case you wonder how I see the Fox case:

Fox lied to his audience about the 2020 election, because they decided their audience demanded the story they wanted to hear: that their guy won, and the election was stolen.  False.

Audience numbers drive advertising which in turn drives revenue for Fox.

It will be interesting to see how Fox News plays this story.

And whether the consuming public will continue to demand fake news as opposed to demonstrable facts.

COMMENTS (please note that comments made to the post are not possible due to technical problems):

from Norm:  Fox News has been the outlet for the  MAGA folks for some time including pushing the Big Lie that the little man-child who would be king had win the 2020 election aka it had been stolen from him because they did not want to lose market share even though FN knew that Biden had won the election fair and square.

So, as you noted, profits aka as maintaining or even gaining market share took precedence over being truthful about the election results because doing the right thing would have offenced much of their market.

It sounds like Dominion has made a good case against FN and its efforts to spread lies and untruths regarding that voting machine company.

Hopefully, the truth will prevail and FN will be held liable.

If not, that will signal the end of any obligation of the press to be held accountable if they spread lies such as those sputtered continuously by Donnie.

Disappointing as well as  disillusioning that FN made the decision to put more value on market share over telling the truth so as to protect its profits stream but…

from John: As an ex ex ex journalist…

Any semblance of fairness or balance of any remaining trust in what used to be called “journalist” platforms disappeared when the Fairness Doctrine disappeared in the mid-80s.
All displayed content now is subject to the whims and biases of editors, or (in the case of much smaller organizations) the presenter of the blog, or podcast, or whatever. The only true remaining news source is a live camera or personal eyewitness with no voiceover. And even that is subject to the biases and preconceptions of the viewer.
We regrettably as American still have a throw back mentality to the days when “news” was actually unbiased – whenever that was.
I have my doubts of any meaningful change from this Fox/Dominion lawsuit. The best I can hope for is that Fox is forced to do an on air apology.  My dream is that every one of their telecasts must start with a video of the presenter of that particular segment saying “What follows is opinion only”. And that same clip would need to be replayed throughout that particular segment.

from Dick 3:15 p.m. April 18, 2023:  As this is being typed, the news conference is occurring after the settlement of the litigation.  

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