Epiphany – A Nation, and World, of Immigrants

Today is Epiphany Sunday, the “We three kings of orient are” day; the “babe in the manger at Bethlehem”.

Epiphany is more than the Bible story; here’s another meaning of the word (see definition #3). We are at an “epiphany” moment for our country, our society. How do we approach this era?

Today, Fr. Griffin talked about the challenges ahead for those who depend on voluntary donations from charities, for instance – the downside of “tax reform”. He talked for a bit about the Dreamers (DACA folk), Americans who entered life with “illegals” as parents, and these are hard-edged days against immigrants of any sort: America for Americans.

The “babe in the manger” would probably be deported, back where his parents came from.

In every pew were postcards, which I share here in pdf: DACA002, and in photo form (click to enlarge):


The Church and I don’t share notes, of course – I just happened to be there – so they didn’t know about Fridays post about “The World Is My Country”, whose basic theme ties into immigrants of all sorts and from all places at all times. Take advantage of the opportunity to pick up some positive energy as offered in the film.

After Mass I picked up a couple of fliers I had seen last week. One is a program a week from today at the Basilica, conducted by the American Refugee Committee: Refugee Stories002.

The second is a very interesting four page “A Case for Solidarity” published by the Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis: A Case for Solidarity001 (four pages).

And do sign up for the free film, The World Is My Country, Jan 26-Feb 1. You don’t have to leave your computer screen….

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