Dick Bernard: The U.S. Statement on Israel at the United Nations.

It might be useful to see what the U.S. really said at the UN about the settlement question on Dec. 28. It is a little long, but here it is.
Possibly, Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement yesterday might be useful too. Here they are (there are several statements linked, including his specific speech on the settlement question made on Dec. 28).
It might also be useful to know that there are differing points of view among Jews, including in Israel, about the settlement and other questions. Netanyahu’s is not the only word. Here are three releases from an organization I trust. Check it out.
Below is a postcard I have from some years ago that helps define the settlement question. (Click on the illustration to enlarge).

This is a time of epidemic fake news, which attempts to masquerade as credible.
Caveat emptor.
from Bruce:
I think the two state solution is dead. The Israelis and the Palestinians are no longer interested in it, however for different reasons. For the Palestinians, it’s become a struggle for Palestinian civil & human rights in an Israeli occupied territory(Israel & the Territories). Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, a native of Hibbing, MN, that first brought this to my attention about 10 years ago. At that time I was a J-Street Jew committed to the two state solution. Halper said it was dead and anyone who thought about it in Israel/Palestine knew that to be true. It took me a few years to process his thoughts, but I’ve now come around to it.

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