Yesterdays mayhem in Christchurch, New Zealand, overwhelms.

Best I can do is to share an overnight e-mail from a group I highly respect, the Islamic Resource Group. You can read it here.

My brief blog post, yesterday, Time for Ilhan, directly pertains, as well.  If you are anywhere near the “camp” that I’m in: that we’re all human beings, in this world together, watching and then reflecting on and discussing the film with others, would be an excellent start to creating something constructive out of a heinous destructive act we have again witnessed.

You can watch this 89 minute film online.  Personally, I’m going to lobby for it to be a special addition to the upcoming Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, April 4-20.  Time for Ilhan is all about politics, and politics is every one of us, whether we like to think so or not.

Best we consider how we fit in as part of the solution, rather than lamenting the problem.  And most important, that we act….


Directly related: Today’s Just Above Sunset, “The Guys With Guns”

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