After Antarctica

POSTNOTE Sunday May 23: This film is being continued through May 27.  It is very well worth your time.  Here is the information.  Here’s Will Steger’s website.  You can make a difference.


May 21 I watched the new film, After Antarctica, explorer Will Steger’s retrospective on his own life.

If you’ve heard of Will Steger, and have even the tiniest of interest in him or the issues he’s identified with, you will want to take the time to watch the film.

You have through May 23 – Sunday.  You don’t have to leave home; there is admission charge.  Reasonable.

Here’s ticketing info.  Here’s all the information you need.  (Ignore the phrase “your access ends…” – that’s a note to me, personally, since I’ve already seen it once.).

I will say, again, this film is well worth your time and the price of admission.

The website for the film is here.


1990 Antarctic Expedition map

The Antarctic Expedition team, 1990

Will Steger and Team welcomed by Gov. Rudy Perpich at Minnesota State Capitol March 25, 1990 (photo: Dick Bernard)

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