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A year ago, June 24, 2022, The Dobbs decision came down from the U.S. Supreme Court.  I spoke of this in two posts a year ago.  The link is here.

I stand by what I said a year ago.

I have nothing more to add, though there is a great deal more to discuss.

There are plenty of good opinions you can read.  Take the time to learn more about this awful situation for which we will all pay a price in the long run.

POSTNOTE June 30 10:10 a.m. CDT:

This week there were several important Supreme Court rulings.

There are lots of opinions, beyond what the Supreme Court majority rulings say of the major issues reported this week.

I can only suggest each person becoming a ‘committee of one’ on the future, particularly on who is selected to represent them at the state and national levels in politics.  Ultimately, it is we as citizens who will be called to account when the book on Law is written.   “Elections have consequences” as I just heard someone say on television….

POSTNOTE July 1, 2023:

The Supreme Court ended its year yesterday issuing two additional rulings, which along with a third ruling a day or two earlier, and the Dobbs ruling a year ago, came down, largely as predicted.  All seem to have everything to do with a ‘win-lose’ philosophy, and nothing to do with resolution of issues.  (The most recent decisions can be accessed here.   Other opinions are filed by year.)

In short, the court has further divided we, the people, If you support the ‘win-lose’ position, you’re smiling; if you subscribe to the notion that we’re a complex nation which requires that divisive issues be resolved, you are angry.

I’m in the latter camp.


I will stick with what I said about Dobbs, a year ago; we are now on a bitter course with an end result which will be the same as the very long quest to tame demon rum: failure.  In the interim we will be at war with each other – the ordinary outcome of any win-lose transaction.  The ‘win’ is very temporary.

Prohibition became the law of the land in 1920, when the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted.  In 1933, the 21st amendment repealed the 18th in 1933.

Prohibition has a very long history in the U.S. The quest was to, in effect, ‘deliver us from evil’, which flat out failed.  (Full disclosure, I rarely drink, don’t smoke or use illicit drugs and never have.  Just personal preference.  But like everyone, I know people whose lives have been destroyed.)

Similarly, the attempt to remake our society into a ‘conservative’ nation like we supposedly used to be in all areas – shall I say not friendly to “woke” – is doomed to disaster as well.  The only question is how long it will take and how damaging it will be.


The July 1, 2023, post leads with a photo of the Liberty Bell, which I found in a file kept by my father.  It has its own story.

Dad was a patriotic guy, and he was likely conservative in the best sense of the old version word, though we never talked about that.  However he came to have the picture, it was cherished.  I found it in his flag file.

On reverse of the photo is information about the bell, and attribution of the source of the photo: Liberty Bell (2) ca 1980.

I looked up the source of the photo, and it was a group of conservative lawyers, founded in 1980.  This led me to wonder: is this a precursor of The Federalist Society?  Probably not: the Federalist Society says it was founded in 1982.

Of course, there are ‘liberal’ lawyers too.  But for the moment at least, the emphasis is not on resolution according to interpretation of law; rather it is a presumption of power.  Not healthy for our diverse society.


I’ll leave it at that.  Each one of us has to be a “committee of one” to decide where we are at on the matters at issue and our future as a society – a “democratic republic”, as it were.  The matter is in every one of our own personal courts.

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