#966 – Dick Bernard: St. Nicholas

A week ago I did a post on the beginning of Advent. In that post, I recommended the book of reflections entitled “All Saints, Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time” by Robert Ellsberg, hoping to commit myself to its daily messages.
So far, so good. Today’s reflection, on St. Nicholas, seems especially worth sharing. It is a single page, and can be read here: St. Nicholas001
He’s in the big leagues of Patrons, including, as the author notes, “children, sailors, pawnbrokers, and prostitutes.”
Not mentioned, probably intentionally, is that “old St. Nick”, aka Santa Claus, is (most apparently) the patron saint of those who make money marketing his image.
Of course, St. Nick is a bit more complicated than that!
Take a moment to read the single page. (The previous day reflection featured Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.)
Yes, its a spiritual kind of book, oriented to Catholics, but not oppressively so. A good, easy, daily read.

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