#633 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #54. Three weeks from today…

(Click on photos to enlarge. Both photos from Minnesota State Fair 2012)

Three weeks from today, the 2012 U.S. Election will be over.
Optimistically, possibly 60% of those who are qualified to vote will actually mark a ballot somewhere, hopefully reasonably well informed. We basically make the decision on who we vote for privately.
“Don’t ask, don’t tell” rules in political conversations. Only our very best friends know where most of us stand on politics. It is very odd avoidance behavior, in my opinion. There is no single decision we will make that is more important in the long term for ourselves and our society and, indeed, our world, but the political conversation is off limits for many.
I follow this political stuff pretty carefully. Of course, I’m just an individual. But it is a whole collection of individuals who will decide our countries direction three weeks from now.
I watched most of last nights Town Hall debate between President Obama and Governor Romney on Long Island; listened to most of the rest; spent very little time watching/reading/listening to analysts analyzing who won and who lost.
It surprises me to note that this is post #54 I’ve done on Election 2012. There will be more – there are other issues. You can find them all by placing the words Election 2012 in the search box.
The first (“Election 2012 #1”) is here, March 18, 2012.
Seven posts immediately preceding this post are the best thoughts I can muster on politics in this wealthy and hugely complex country of ours.
Here they are, accessible to you if/as you wish:
October 2, 2012: The two proposed amendments to the Minnesota Constitution.
October 8, 2012: A short seminar on Minnesota Public School policy.
October 9, 2012: Summarizing the last twelve years; remembering the panic of late 2008; why I support President Obama; the meaning of the first Obama-Romney debate; “win-win” vs “win-lose”; the current difference between Republican and Democrat; how I see the two MN constitutional amendments; what makes me a moderate pragmatic Democrat.
October 10, 2012: The local (Senate District 53) political candidate Forum of the League of Women Voters.
October 13, 2012: The word “Taxes” and its many synonyms; its use as a wedge issue to divide people.
October 15, 2012: Mitt Romney
UPDATE Oct. 20: Here is a long but insightful column on the same topic as mine. If nothing else, note the last three or so paragraphs.
October 16, 2012: Political Signs and the people behind them.
There are other political commentaries to come.
Stop back once in awhile.
And vote well informed on Tuesday, November 6. If you’re a Minnesota resident, here’s a good place to brief yourself.
For other posts on the same topic, past and future, simply enter the words Election 2012 in the search box.
UPDATE October 25, 2012: Opinion on my local Senate District 53 races.

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