56 Days

Today is eight weeks from Election Day.  In many places, early voting is about to begin.  Do you know who is running to represent you, or what they stand for, or what the implications of their being elected is, for you, or others in your town, your county, your state, your country?

I would presume that every state has something similar to Minnesota – a place where you can find out who your candidates are, including their websites, if they have one.  Here is Minnesota’s.

In my case, everyone in my precinct will have an opportunity to vote for eight offices where the candidates are running with party designation, such as Governor.  Sixteen candidates are running for three non-partisan positions, such as mayor.  And many judges are up for election, including two contested positions.   In all, we will cast ballots for those to serve us in 33 offices, from City Council to Minnesota Supreme Court.  In all there are 65 candidates whose names appear on my ballot.

Every election has big consequences for everyone, whether they vote, or don’t bother to waste the time.

Honor your flag by assuming your responsibility to your country and your fellow citizens, especially those to young or otherwise unable to vote to defend their future.

Succinctly, for me, this election is for Bennie, Robin, David and for everyone else who knows first hand what a caring society is all about.

This is what this election is about.

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