#555 – Carol Turnbull: Election 2012 #11. Thoughts about ALEC

From Dick Bernard:
Carol Turnbull is a local friend, about as fair and even-handed a person as I know.
Recently ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) has gotten into her spotlight, and she wrote the following excellent column for our local paper, the Woodbury Bulletin. The article appeared in the April 5, 2012, edition. [UPDATE April 26: We have subscribed to this newspaper for years, and initially this article was accessible to us on-line, but apparently has now been restricted for public access. Most interesting.]
Near the end of her column she refers readers to a website, Source Watch, which follows ALEC activities and provides lots of information about the organization and its members. That, too, is well worth a visit.
Carol is undaunted by being a force of one. She would not fit some ideological profile. She is reasoned and she is reasonable.
ALEC members (and their legislator followers) are lately getting very nervous by the public attention provided by people like Carol Turnbull.
All it takes to make a difference is the determination to do so.
Thanks, Carol.
Here are some other comments by Carol on the issues raised by ALEC:
April 6: [T]here was one lone Republican who voted against the voter ID bill? He’s first-term Sen. Jeremy Miller of Winona. He looks like a kid!
“Minnesota State Senator Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) was described by the Winona Daily news as ‘increasingly reluctant to support constitutional amendments’ lately favored by MN’s GOP legislative majority. Miller seems to prefer cooperation and negotiation to brinksmanship…”
He of course now has a big target on his back. We can thank him at: sen.jeremy.miller@senate.mn
Carol on ALEC’s own newsletter: [I] particularly liked this statement I found – as though that makes it way better:
Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law was the basis for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s model legislation, not the other way around.
April 11 from Carol: Have you seen this blogsite? Check out some of the postings re ALEC on the right – he’s wonderful.
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