#521 – Dick Bernard: Redistricting (Redistricted) Minnesota

There will be endless political verbiage about the new Minnesota political map, released yesterday.
The implications depend on where you live, what your political leanings are, or who you like, politically. (In some places there will be an incumbent Republican (or Democrat) against another incumbent from the same political party.)
It will be a very interesting spring, summer and fall.
Here’s the first take I’ve seen, thanks to Twin Cities Daily Planet:
Minnesotans: Here’s how to find your new political district (maybe it stays the same, mine doesn’t): enter your address information in the search box, here.
A couple of commentaries, also from the Daily Planet, here: by Editor Mary Turck, and by Uptake editor Mike McIntee.
Now the politics begins, and politics is everyone, you, me. We are all “politics as usual”, whether we are heavily involved, or attempt to avoid the topic, or think politics (or politicians) stink….
Find out what your legislative and congressional district is, and get involved, very actively.
We are all accountable for the results come November.

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