#288 – Dick Bernard: 2010 Election Postmortem

Yesterday, I checked the internet to fill in a blank in my November 4 post about the 2010 election. That blank is filled in the bold-faced section in the fourth paragraph under the photo.
Succinctly: about two-thirds as many voters went to the polls in 2010, as did in 2008; that turnout was slightly higher than the normal mid-term election turnout; only about 40% of people who could have voted actually went to the polls, whether or not they were informed about the issues or aware of the implications of their vote. (I count everybody, whether they actually vote or not, as VOTERS. Most simply don’t exercise their right and responsibility as a citizen.)
The oft quoted “American people” have spoken.
They are learning, already, what they said….
We – every one of us – is the Government we so often revile.