#259 – Dick Bernard: "Capitalism saved the day in Chile"?

Previous post on the rescue of the Chilean miners here.
Saturday’s Minneapolis-Star Tribune carried a column by Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) entitled “Capitalism saved the day in Chile”. The column is here, though WSJ rules say it is available for only seven days from the October 14, 2010, publication date.
The column speaks for itself, as does a critical analysis of the column by FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in the Media).
Personally, the WSJ column, predictable as it is, in companion with another point of view, from FAIR, is that single dimension arguments are effective only when they are conveyed in an ‘echo chamber’ accepting only a single point of view. There is always another side to the story. As FAIR points out, Henninger focuses on a single contribution of Capitalism to the rescue, essentially without comment on anything else.