The Voter*

A week from today is the Minnesota Precinct Caucus; a week beyond is “Super Tuesday” in many U.S. States.

While details from state to state vary, each state has a process by which citizens input on candidates and issues that their elected representatives will encounter during their term of office.  For Minnesota and my community, the essential information is here.  Scroll down to the indicated links.

In my view, in our democracy, which thus far has endured the entire history of the United States, there are two essential bookends:

  1. Eligible voters can cast a secret ballot for the candidates for office in their area.
  2. At the end of the process, a judiciary interprets the laws which have been enacted:  “The Rule of Law”.

In between and indeed within the bookends themselves there are endless possibilities for decisions that distress the very essence of a democratic republic, which is what we are.  The citizens and the courts are the essential gatekeepers.

The individual voter is the one ultimately accountable for the outcomes.  None of us need to do it all; but all of us need to do our part.

Get involved.

POSTNOTE: I saved a useful editorial from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Dec. 31 on the topic of Citizen engagement.  I think it is worth a read.: Citizen Engagement StarTrib Dec 31 2023

Personal Opinion: * – “Voting” is much, much more than casting a single ballot one time every four years….


from Brian:  Great Stuff, Dick!

Well, as I’ve mentioned what I love about this country is “E Pluribus Unum”:  from many one.
As you know here in Brooklyn we live in a great neighborhood.  Down the street is Muslim mosque/conference center.  Also we have synegogues.  And I can walk easily to 2 Catholic churches.   And across the street is a French school for Haitians, we live in a Haitian area.   And Jewish area.
In Haiti, things aren’t going well–they’re fighting. In the Mideast, not going well, either.   But here, we have PEACE.
Why?  Similar to what you say, “rule of law”.  Voting.  Respect.
I’m a fan of the German band “Rammstein”.  In fact next week I’m flying to Germany to see friends.  Here’s a Rammstein video.

from Larry, in turn from Garrison Keillor: here.