The Golden Rule

The ship is in!

The Golden Rule is docked about 10 miles from where I type, in nearby Hudson WI.  I haven’t gone over to see it yet, but will, probably tomorrow.  Golden Rule has a very long history.  It’s story is told, briefly, in a link below.

The Golden Rule 2022

A special event, sponsored by Veterans for Peace Ch 27, and  open to anyone, anywhere, will be a Zoom gathering on Thursday September 15. beginning 3 p.m.  Register here.  For those on Facebook, the Facebook link is here.  Pre-registration is required, but a very simple process.

The best source of general information about the boat and itinerary it will follow in the next few days and for the next year and a half, as well as its past history, is in the most recent newsletter of the Veterans for Peace Chapter 27.  The newsletter is here.  At page 5&6 of the newsletter is the September schedule in Twin Cities area.

Golden Rule being unhinged in Hudson Wi September 13, 2022 photo from Mary McNellis

RELATED:  Check out the schedule, here, for Twin Cities Nonviolent, from September 21 to October 2, 2022.  And the national program is here,

The 2022 Election is 57 days away.  Do not sit this out.  Get more active than perhaps you have ever been.  This is not a usual election.  Our countries future as a democracy is on the ballot, almost literally.