#1153 – Dick Bernard: The Minnesota Primary Election

Today is Minnesota’s Primary election.
If Minnesota is your home state, and you’re an eligible voter, take the time to vote, and vote well informed, and pass the word.
The information you need is easily accessible: here.

Most places you’ll see that this is a “boring election”. There are few races.
But boring elections are the places where mischief can be made. Since few people vote, they are exploitable by stealth candidates.
There is a single statewide race in Minnesota, and that is for a Supreme Court Justice, one incumbent, two challengers. Supreme Court Justice, Natalie Hudson is incumbent.
More important info on the Supreme Court Race here: (from MinnPost).
(The more or less general rule I follow is that there is an incumbent, and that incumbent has escaped justifiable public criticism, as is usually the case for judges, the incumbent is probably the best choice, as he/she has been vetted for the position by peers in the legal profession, and his/her performance is closely watched. The judiciary should be as independent of partisan meddling as it is possible to be.)
Be wary of voting for someone you know nothing about. Ask somebody you trust for information. At least assess what they stand for.
See you at the polls.
Likely there will be no line!
Take the time today to make a list of every government official who is elected to represent you.
This is far longer than simply President of the United States.
And these Senators and Congressperson, and State Legislators and Constitutional officers and Mayors and Council persons and County Commissioners and Sheriffs and on and on and on are very important offices.
Make sure you know who they are, and how you can contact them. These days, all of them likely have an easily accessible internet presence, not to mention address and phone number….
We, the people ARE the government that we get, and thus deserve.
The next election is Tuesday, November 8. Get on the Court!

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