#1079 – Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg; Ehtasham Anwar: Videos and Papers presented at the Workable World Conference October 9&10, 2015 in Minneapolis; and Ehtasham Anwars Video Interviews of Minnesota Peacemakers, May – June 2014.

PRENOTE from Dick Bernard:
This post contains links to talks by 11 speakers at a recent conference on the United Nations system at 70; and to two videos which summarize thoughts of ten peace and justice advocates on their experiences in the United States.
(Content for these is accessible in the section labeled “THE VIDEOS”, below.)
1) The outstanding Workable World Conference organized by Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg relating to the United Nations was subject of an earlier blogpost, Oct. 12, 2015.
The content of the entire conference is preserved within the professionally prepared videos and accompanying papers presented at the Conference by many experts (link to the talks below). My recommendation: Watch and/or read one at a time. This is a several-day post.
2) Ehtasham Anwar, a career Civil administrator in one of Pakistans largest cities, conducted ten interviews of Minnesota peacemakers in Minneapolis/St. Paul in May and June, 2014. The videos are useful in that they give summary comments divided into threads of conversation which are amenable to discussion groups.
Ehtasham produced and filmed this project hear the end of his year as a Humphrey/Fulbright Fellow at the Human Rights Center of the University of Minnesota Law School. He did an expert job with this project.
In my opinion, both projects deserve broad viewing, can easily be viewed in “bits and pieces”, and would be excellent subjects for group viewing and conversations. Ehtasham’s interviews is an idea easily replicated.
Full disclosure: I was on the Advisory Committee of Joe Schwartzbergs Workable World Conference (#1 below); and in #2, I’m one of the ten interviewed by Ehtasham Anwar a year ago, and the person who had the honor of assisting him in setting up the interviews.
Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg
We are pleased to inform you that video recordings of all Workable World Conference sessions, as well as most full-text conference presenters’ papers, are now available from our web site:
This gives each of you a chance to view any of the presentations (and the Open Forum) for a second time, or perhaps catch ones that you were not able to attend during the conference weekend. We encourage you to share this link with others, so that the valuable content spreads beyond those that could make to the Humphrey School that weekend.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation, and invite you to share any input you may have. Feel free to REPLY to nancy2@ATdunlavyDOTnet.
In the very near future we plan to upload the winning Youth Essays and other outcomes of the conference. We’ll stay in touch about future Workable World actions and opportunities!
From The Workable World Trust (WWT),
Joseph Schwartzberg, Nancy Dunlavy, and all WWT Advisory Board members
Ehtasham Anwars 2014 interviews
Post containing link to the ten video interviews is found here. There are two 25 minute videos, with summary comments of ten Minnesota Peacemakers.
There are roughly ten segments, each preceded by a brief question. Each person interviewed was asked the identical questions. Thus, the interviews are easy to correlate, and to replicate, if you have an interest.
Videos are accessible only to those who have Facebook access. Luckily, these days, everybody knows somebody with a Facebook account. Ask them to help you out.

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