#85 – Dick Bernard: A gathering of the news community

Overnight I had a vivid dream, which usually means something has been on my mind.
This one was in a large room, filled with many people, many “mad as hell” about the descent of their local newspaper into (they felt) irrelevance.  In my case, the dream was about the newspaper we subscribe to and read every day, a metropolitan daily that still has a Sunday circulation of in excess of 600,000.
This was a rational, orderly kind of crowd, and the speakers were trying to make sense of the change that they were observing, as readers, employees, past employees…
Of course, one wakes up from these dreams, and what made so much sense while dreaming, no longer makes as much sense, if you can even remember what you dreamt.  But this one stuck with me.
I solicit brief opinions on this topic to be added to the body of this text. There is no deadline, though it is probably best to write it now rather than wait for several months.  I would hope that they be brief, and hopefully somewhat positive and solutions driven, but I won’t judge.  I will print the name of the writer.
These should be sent as e-mails to me dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom.
I know what my brief comment will be, but I won’t post it till there are ten other comments (so it may never be posted.)
If this is the only comment, so be it.    The topic is important.  I hope a few feed in.  
It’s now on line, and your turn.