#83 – Dick Bernard: "I loved her first…."

At my age, it’s a given that I’ve been to many weddings over the years.  Yesterdays was a bit more special than most, even though I had no direct involvement with it, other than attending and participating as a guest (the bride-to-be was my wife’s niece).
Sometime after the wedding and the dinner, somebody mentioned the song they knew had been selected for the Father-Bride dance.  It was, they said, a tear-jerker.  I wasn’t aware of it, and waited for the appropriate moment, when Jeff and Megan took the dance floor by themselves, and the song began.  I got it…what they meant by “tear-jerker”… especially in context with a Dad who clearly loved his daughter, and a daughter who clearly loved her Dad.
This morning I went to YouTube to see if I could find the exact same song I heard last night, and I think I did.  Here’s the link: #mce_temp_url#.
The song was wonderful, and a ‘tear-jerker’ for some, listening, as it was for me. Sadly, as you’ll note if you read the sidebar as you listen to the song on YouTube, some folks can’t leave well enough alone, and apparently choose to argue about, and probably ridicule, feelings like this song so clearly expresses.  It takes all kinds….
Truth be told, I don’t do weddings really well: I’m not much of a glad-hander or small-talk person.  It’s just me.
But there could be much worse ways to start the travel that is marriage than a tear-jerker like “I loved her first”.  And I am very glad I was there to experience the moment.
Best wishes to yesterday’s loving couple, and best wishes to all who either are venturing into marriage, or are somewhere on the not always simple journey that can be marriage.

Jeff and Megan Sep 12 09001Jeff and daughter Megan September 12, 2009