#655 – Dick Bernard: Ken Burns on PBS: The Dust Bowl, part two

I wrote about the first segment of Ken Burns The Dust Bowl here.
Part Two, last evening, was equally compelling. You can watch both part one and two here.
Together, the two segments total nearly four hours. They are available on-line through December 4. They are well worth your time.
And they provide lots of opportunity for reflective thought about where humans and government fit into nature, positively and negatively.
If you watch the entire four hours, about ten years in, particularly, the area of the Oklahoma panhandle – “no man’s land”, and you think about our place in the our own present and future United States and World, you will have reason to consider what we are bringing down upon ourselves and our own future, if we pretend to ignore the consequences of our own actions.
There is no sugar-coating. This is reality, and not belief.
As I watched I got to thinking back to something I wrote seven years ago as my Christmas Letter.
It was a story about an old Cottonwood tree at my Uncle’s farm in North Dakota. The story is here (link is in the caption below the photo). The tree still exists, out there in a row of trees east of the farmstead.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Help keep Thanksgiving for the generations to come after us.

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