#592 – Dick Bernard: Visiting Heritage House in Woodbury

I stopped by Woodbury Heritage House on Friday to take the monthly snapshots.
The sign was up announcing that today, the 2nd Sunday afternoon, the House will be open for tours, as it is every 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoon during the summer.
(click to enlarge photos).

Heritage House, Woodbury MN, July 6, 2012

These days the house looks a bit bedraggled because they’re about the process of redoing the ancient siding.
Sure, there isn’t much to a tour of a one room house (there is an upstairs, but that’s closed to visitors) but you’ll meet some nice folks who are more than willing to give a historical overview of this suburban attraction.
Give some thought to dropping over on one of the open Sundays.
This is the 12th month I’ve been stopping by Heritage House to take a few photos. For some reason, I missed last October, but no matter, here you will see my small album; 27 photos of a year in the life of a Woodbury Historical memory, and one of my favorite places to see as I pass by each day.

My first snapshot of Heritage House, August 17, 2011.

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