#538 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #1 "The Road We've Traveled"

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This morning I watched the new 17-minute video recently released by the President Obama Reelection Campaign. It is here.
Whatever your preconception of the President (I have huge respect for him and what he’s accomplished against overwhelming odds), I’d encourage to watch the entire video, and share it. The person who forwarded the video to me, a retired person from a large corporation, said this about the video: “Every American should see this video. Please share it.”

Minneapolis MN Feb 2, 2008, photo by Dick Bernard

Minneapolis, February 2, 2008 photo by Dick Bernard

Of course, being American politics, not every one will be enthusiastic about this video. From even before the President was inaugurated, Rush Limbaugh has been on record “I hope he fails”, as has the leadership of the Republicans in U.S. Congress and Senate and Governorships and state Houses and Senates, and, of course, Fox News and right-wing talk radio. It hasn’t worked, though it’s been a powerful and constant drum-beat. So be it.
Nonetheless you owe it to yourself to watch the video, and ask yourself if we’re better (or worse) off now than four years ago, when our national House of Cards was collapsing around us. It was a terrifying time, coming to a head in September, 2008, right BEFORE the 2008 election.
I’m formally, on this blog, a “moderate, pragmatic, Democrat”. That’s how I tagged myself when I opened for business here three years ago. I’m comfortable with the label. It means I get confronted, from time to time, from both poles of the political spectrum (who in many ways seem like “peas in a pod” (albeit with diametrically opposed points of view on issues).
I’ll post from time to time on this topic at this space, perhaps once every week or two. Just enter the words “Election 2012” in the search box.
If today is your last visit, consider printing out a one page document I first generated in April 9, 2009, just weeks into the Obama presidency; and added a small revision August 12, 2011. It is a helpful base for assessing who’s been responsible for what, since. Here it is: Congress 1977-2011001
It is a given that we despise Politics and Politicians, and many despise Government itself.
What is essential to note, in my opinion, is that we ARE all of these things: politics, politicians and government itself.
If we despise them, we need to take a look at ourselves, not someone else.

UPDATE March 18:
Judy Berglund: The Obama tape [linked in this post] is excellent.
Bob Barkley: This will continue your Obama support level.
Bruce Fisher and Corky Marinkovich have also added comments at the comments section of this blog.
From Harriette Ternipsede, an album of photos from Peter Souza
From Jacob Grippen, A sign of the times, by a deaf student who met the President March 14, 2012.

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  1. Bruce Fisher
    Bruce Fisher says:

    Dick, Smooth & powerful. I’ve sent it to several of my conservative friends and those not so conservative who have, like me, problems with Obama. There really is no need to share this video. Its all over Facebook and I have received via email several times including yours. I think if it gets any more space on fb, it will be counter productive. The law of diminishing returns will apply. Let the Prez’s campaign do its thing. It’s very good at it.

  2. corky marinkovich
    corky marinkovich says:

    Provides excellent capsule of making difficult decisions during most troubling times. The cap on health insurance is an issue that hits very close to home with a close friend being able to extend his life with superb medical care in Rochester,MN. Our family is also dealing with an infant born very premature and related medical coverage. When really looking at the job of President, one song would come to mind for most people if asked if they would like to be President: “take this job and shove it.”


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