#468 – Dick Bernard: Election, Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is an off-year election, but nonetheless with very important local issues.
It brings to mind the 2009 local election in my town, which I wrote about in this space a year ago. You can read it here.
If you don’t care to read the piece linked above, succinctly: there were ten candidates for four school board seats: “When the votes were tallied, the numbers revealed that only 6% – one of every 16 – eligible voters had even bothered to go to the polls. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes polled 3% of those same eligible voters. That person sits in office today because one of every 33 local citizens took the time to vote.
A somewhat similar scenario faces us tomorrow. I will report (by update on this post) after November 8. I don’t expect miracles.
Whether one votes, or not; or casts an informed vote, or not, they are in reality “voting”.
A vote is too precious a thing to waste.
If there’s an election in your town, Tuesday, find out what the issues/candidates are and do your best to not only vote, but vote well-informed.

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