#391 – Dick Bernard: A Demonstration at the State Capitol

Years ago I heard a ‘rule of thumb’ that has seemed to be reasonably well borne out in reality.
It was said that for every one person who actually physically shows up at some demonstration or other, that person represents 1,000 others who feel likewise, but can’t attend for reasons like work, too far away, etc., etc., etc. In other words, one person equals more than one person, be it a rally, or a letter to a legislator, etc.
Today I went to an “Invest in Minnesota” rally at the State Capitol. We’re a dozen hours from either a settlement or a government shutdown.
I would guess there were about 300 at the rally – small by most standards, but understandable. It was from 10-11 a.m. on a work day. Only people like myself could participate. In my perception, it was a good rally. Here is my small photo gallery of the event. My favorite, a guy in a wheelchair wearing a tee-shirt which you can possibly make out in the slide show: “Homeless against Homelessness”. It says a lot in a very few words.
The speakers were the usual, and the event was only an hour – plenty long on a hot and uncomfortable Capitol steps.
One speaker summarized it well. She noted that the legislature seemed to be on record to ‘hold harmless’ public education (and thus, children). But if this involves (as it does) taking money from other programs affecting children then this political strategy is not effective. I thought to myself that this is a bit like saying we’ll save your shirt sleeve, but if we do, we can’t afford buttons for the shirt.
For those of us in Minnesota, the stakes by now should be very clear and are very real.
A key message was to “call your legislator” urging support, in essence, of Gov. Dayton’s stand for investment in Minnesota. Don’t know who your Representative or Senator is? Here’s the link for both State House and Senate. Do it now, not later. Tonight is the deadline.
My message will be: I support Governor Dayton and I believe that our wealthiest citizens can afford and should be required to chip in and help those in society who will be most hurt by the proposed legislative cuts.
Contact Governor Mark Dayton as well.
How about your message?
And while you’re at it, why not contact at least one or two or twenty others and ask them to do the same. Now.
It will help.

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