#380 – Dick Bernard: As good as it gets.

This afternoon I happened across a marvelous video made by folks in Grand Rapids MI, supposedly one of the ten most dying cities in America. You can watch and read about it here. It is 10 minutes of sheer in-your-face optimism in the face of being ridiculed as a loser.
We can all use a break in the otherwise dismal nature of news. Some Grand Rapids folks made bad news into a viral video hit.
Then I went to Lakeville to watch “My gal, Sal” – Heather, my daughter – play softball with her crowd of adults with special abilities.
She has the major league moves down, Heather does, and this particular evening she was catcher, with all the necessary equipment.

Heather as catcher

She was looking good behind the plate, and first time up rapped an honest single, and was about to score a run when her teammate grounded out.

Heading for home, but for naught. The batter grounded out for the third out....

No matter, there was another community out there in Lakeville and everybody enjoyed everyone else – their hits and misses and everything.
Way tah go, Heather and all.
Extra Special Thanks to the bunch called “The Rave“, which has organized this league for adults like Heather.
Keep it up.

Game end, good sports, Heather second from right facing camera

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