1000 Pages. 22 Years. Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles

“FAST FORWARD”: The link to Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles Index is Chez Nous NVJ 1979-2002 2 col Jul 8, 2016. The links to the pages of the newsletter are at the end of this page. A history of the newsletter and La Societe is Chez Nous & La Societe history June 25, 2016.
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Chez Nous001
Over a period of 22 years, a succession of volunteer editors recorded stories of the heritage and culture of the French and the Midwest in two newsletters, Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles.

Above (first line) is found the link to the index to the 155 issues, and access to pdf copies of every page of every newsletter – nearly 1000 pages in all.  IMPORTANT: When you find an article in this index which you wish to access, simply jot down the page number and return to this page, and click on the pertinent page range below. EXAMPLE: if the article is on page 87, click on page range 79-104 and when that opens, scroll down to page 87.
A commentary about the production of the 1979-2001 newsletters can be seen here.
Two tips:
1. Occasionally you may see something you wish to print. Near the upper right corner of each page is a handwritten number, usually in red, showing its page number within each file. This will make it possible for you to easily select the page(s) you wish to print, rather than having to print the entire file.
2. The index endeavors to group articles on similar topics. For instance, many people are interested in genealogy: check the index section headed “Genealogy”. Or “Recettes”, “Obituaries”, “France”….
ARCHIVES of the newsletters:
(Click on page range to access the pdf for the pages indicated)
CN – Chez Nous
NVJ – Nouvelles Villes Jumelles
CN 1-26001 CN Oct1979 – Mars81
CN 27-51002 CN Mai81 – Jan82
CNrev 52-78003 CN Mar82 – Jan83
CNrev2 79-104004 CN Mars83 – Oct83
CN 105-139005 CN Jan84 – Nov-Dec84
CNrev 140-170006 CN Jan-Fev85 – Nov-Dec85
CN -NVJ 171-211007 CN-NVJ Jan-Mar86 – Nov86-Jan87
NVJ 898-908001 NVJ Sep and Dec 86
NVJ 909-928002 NVJ Jan-Nov 87
CN -NVJ 212-249008 CN-NVJ Jan-Fev87 – Oct-Nov87
CN -NVJ 250-266009 CN-NVJ Dec-Jan88 – Avr-Mai88
CN -NVJ 267-291010 CN-NVJ Jui-Jui88 – Dec88-Jan89
CN -NVJ 292-309J011 CN-NVJ Fev-Mar89 – Jul89
CN -NVJ 310-327012 CN-NVJ Aou-Sep89 – Dec89-Jan90
CN -NVJ 328-339K013 CN-NVJ Fev-Mars90 – Jun90
CN -NVJ 340-375014 CN-NVJ Jui-Jui90 – Dec90-Jan91
CN -NVJ 376-402E015 CN-NVJ Jan-Fev91 – Mai-Jui91
CN -NVJ 403-430016 CN-NVJ Jui-Jui91 – Dec 91-Jan92
CN-NVJ 431-462018 CN-NVJ Jan-Fev92 – Jui-Jui92
CN-NVJ 463-504019 CN-NVJ Aou-Sep92 – Mai-Jui93
CN-NVJ 505-544020 CN-NVJ Jui-Aou93 – Mar-Avr94
CN-NVJ 545-577021 CN-NVJ Mai-Jui94 – Nov-Dec94
CN-NVJ 578-614022 CN-NVJ Jan-Fev95 – Sep-Oct95
CN-NVJ 615-649023 CN-NVJ Nov-Dec95 – Jui-Aou96
CN-NVJ 650-687024 CN-NVJ Sep-Oct96 – Mai-Jui97
CN-NVJ 688-725025 CN-NVJ Jui-Aou97 – Mar-Avr98
CN-NVJ 726-760026 CN-NVJ Mai-Jui98 – Jan-Fev99
CN-NVJ 761-791 20 yrs027 CN-NVJ Mar-Avr99 -Mai-Jui99
CN 792-829028 CN Jui-Aou99 – Jan-Fev2000
CN 830-861029 CN Mar-Avr00 – Nov-Dec00
CN 862-897030 CN Jan-Fev01 – Nov-Dec01

John Rivard, founder of La Societe Canadienne-Francaise du Minnesota. Undated, probably in the 1970s

John Rivard, founder of La Societe Canadienne-Francaise du Minnesota. Undated, probably in the 1970s

A few more photos of John Rivard, his role and his props! John Rivard ca 1970s001

Memorial Video 2005 (see link below)

Memorial Video 2005 (no longer available)

This post is part of the permanent record now being established through the French-American Heritage Foundation (FAHF), an organization founded in 2013 to continue the tradition of La Societe C-F and other similar groups.
You are encouraged to not only visit the FAHF site, and provide suggestions, comments and materials for use there, but also to share this site with others, and become a participating member yourself, financially and in other ways.

Now, enjoy the news as recorded below!
Dick Bernard, Woodbury MN
editor Chez Nous, 1985-2001 (98 of the issues) and former President of LSCF

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