#414 – Dick Bernard: the film, Tree of Life

After a couple of recommendations, and some procrastination, we went to the new film “Tree of Life” this afternoon at the Lagoon Theatre in Minneapolis.
There are more than ample numbers of reviews of this film (click on the above links for Tree of Life for some of these reviews).
Personally, I would say this: if you are not interested in personally reflecting on what your life means or has meant or will mean, you will not want to attend this film.
If our personal experiences were any judge, the main character in the film will be yourself….
Whether male or female, give yourself a gift and take the time to see this film (it’s 2 1/2 hours).
Popcorn is an unnecessary distraction.
After the film, I asked how long it will be at the Lagoon. The ticket seller said “at least through August 18, and perhaps longer”.